Grampa's Garden Body Shawl

$43.50 SALE! $34.80

This microwaveable body shawl can be used for lasting heat therapy on your entire back, abdomen, across your shoulders or to wrap an injured arm or leg. When placed in the freezer, works as a cold pack, too!

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Grampa's Garden Lumbar Pac SOLD OUT

$31.00 SALE! $24.80

Ahhh.... That's what you'll say when you use this natural warm (or cold) pack on your back and hips. Holds warmth up to an hour!

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Grampa's Garden Thera-Pac

$31.50 SALE! $25.20

Like a warm or cool, soothing, aromatic hug. Toss this Thera Pac into your microwave or freezer and then place it around your neck, back, or upper chest for quick, refreshing relief from muscle soreness or stiffness.

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