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8 Things to Look for in a High Quality Shake

Eating nutritiously can be hard in this day and age, where every day is filled with hustle and bustle. However, a healthy shake is a quick and easy way to get the nutrition you need. But with so many shake options, how do you know which brand to choose?

8 Things to Look for in a High Quality Shake Pin on Pinterest

When reviewing the overwhelming number of protein and green shakes on the market, there are at least 8 key factors you should look at before making your decision. After researching hundreds of shakes, we have determined UltraNourish to be the ONLY Superfood Protein Shake on the market today that hits on all 8 factors AND also FOCUSES ON YOUR LIVER.

8 Key Factors That Should Make UltraNourish Your Go-To Shake

  1. Greens – Nutritious shakes contain vegetables and dark greens, which are high in vitamins A, C and E, phytonutrients and antioxidants, and tend to be lower in fat and sugar. UltraNourish contains 1,450 mg of a Green Food Blend, which also includes the superfood spirulina.
  2. Protein – It can be difficult to get protein from a vegetarian diet and many shakes and smoothies do not offer any. UltraNourish contains 16 grams of pea protein, which gives you long-lasting energy throughout the day and improved muscle recovery post workouts.
  3. Customization – A high quality shake powder can be customized to taste. Unflavored UltraNourish is unsweetened and can be mixed and flavored with almost anything! Add it to almond milk, yogurt or coconut milk for added omega-3s and protein. Throw in some frozen or fresh fruit or beets to add flavor and sweetness. Add cinnamon or savory seasonings. You can mix UltraNourish however you want so you have a whole new flavor every day! Chocolate UltraNourish can be enjoyed without any additional ingredients, but you do have the option to mix with almond milk, yogurt, coconut milk, and it works very well with some fruit, too. A word of caution: Be sure to consider anything added to your shake when counting fat, carbohydrates, sugar, protein – and especially calories! It can be easy to get carried away with serving size, so be sure to measure the shake mix accurately, along with anything you are adding to it.
  4. Fruit – Beneficial shakes include fruit, especially berries, and offer maximum immune and antioxidant support. UltraNourish contains a specific Immune Support and Antioxidant Blend, which includes grape seed extract and blueberry among other ingredients, all designed to give maximum support to your immune system.
  5. Sugar – Healthy shakes should NOT contain high amounts of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Look for shakes that contain natural sweeteners, if any. Unflavored UltraNourish contains no additional sweeteners, and contains less than 1 gram of sugar which is derived from the vegetable and fruit blend. Chocolate UltraNourish only contains 4 grams of sugar derived from organic sugar and natural stevia.
  6. Digestive Support – A high quality shake will include probiotics for digestive support. UltraNourish offers a full range of probiotics to improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients while relieving gas, bloating and other digestive complaints.
  7. Liver SupportBoth versions of UltraNourish contain 1,950 mg of a Liver Support Blend that includes milk thistle, artichoke and chicory root, along with other liver-supporting herbs for maximum liver function. Drinking UltraNourish can help you reduce fat and inflammation in your liver while promoting better bile flow.
  8. Cardiovascular Support – Most shakes do not offer herbs and vegetables specific to cardiovascular support, but UltraNourish does. Its special 850 mg Cardiovascular Support Blend can reduce stress on your heart and improve blood flow and circulation, while also improving blood sugar levels.

With our crazy schedules, it can be difficult to make sure we get adequate nutrition. Shakes and smoothies offer a great way to ensure you get the vitamins, minerals and protein your body needs to function optimally all day long. UltraNourish is a first-rate choice when it comes to maximum nutrition and immunity while giving you the energy to make it through your busy day.

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