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Why Is Breakfast So Important?

Discover three positive impacts that eating breakfast can have on your body, as well as a brand new breakfast alternative to start your day off right.

Why Is Breakfast So Important? Pin on Pinterest

What’s so special about breakfast? The time between dinner and waking up the next day is the longest most people go without food – which is a big part of why breakfast is so important.

Eating within two hours of waking can positively impact:

  1. how you metabolize glucose (sugar)
  2. your diet the rest of your day
  3. and your long term body weight.

Studies have found that if you who eat a healthy breakfast, complete with lean protein and low in fat and sugar, you will eat less overall and consume less sugar and sweets throughout the day. This is an easy, yet significant step when you are trying to manage, or even lose, body weight.

A healthy breakfast has also been shown to improve mental function and physical energy levels, making it a crucial factor in success at work and school.

New! Chocolate UltraNourish Is a Healthy and Delicious Breakfast

Chocolate UltraNourish, a superfood protein powder with 16 grams of pea protein, is a fast and excellent way to grab a healthy breakfast. Simply add one scoop of Chocolate UltraNourish to water or your choice of milk, shake it up, and immediately feed your body the liver support nutrients it needs. This quick breakfast also ensures you get a blend of fruits, vegetables, protein, antioxidants and probiotics to get you through your day.

6 Brilliant Benefits of Chocolate UltraNourish

  1. Regenerates, protects, and improves your liver function
  2. Increases your energy, focus and concentration
  3. Supports your immune system
  4. Promotes blood flow and lessens stress on your heart
  5. Improves your digestion
  6. Enhances your nutrition

While we don’t always have time for an extravagant, gourmet breakfast, it is important that we eat something healthy in order to start our day out right. Chocolate UltraNourish is a fast, easy way to make sure we get a nutritious start to our day!

Save $5 on Chocolate UltraNourish


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