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You’ll Love How CBD Oil Helps Your Heart

You may have heard that CBD oil can relieve pain, but you may not know that it can also help protect your heart in several ways.

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Cannabidiol – better known as CBD – is the non-psychoactive part of marijuana and hemp plants that is becoming increasingly more popular due to its newly discovered many health benefits. CBD won’t give you the “high” that’s commonly associated with its stoner cousin THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), but will still help various ailments – including heart health – and can lead to living a healthier life.

As marijuana and CBD have become more widely accepted and legalized for medical purposes across the country, doctors are doing more research on the benefits of CBD. What they are finding is that it can help a variety of conditions due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antipsychotic, anti-convulsant, and antidepressant properties.

There are over 50 known benefits of CBD, some of which are listed below:

  • Acne
  • Anxiety
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • Inflammation
  • Liver issues
  • Pain relief
  • PTSD

In honor of February being Heart Month, this article will be covering all of the ways that CBD can help protect your heart. (1)

CBD Oil and Your Heart

CBD Oil helps your heart.

A recent study performed on animals found that CBD oil benefits the heart in several ways.

  1. They first found that it helps reduce tension in the arteries, leading to a healthier blood flow. When blood flows better, it is able to travel through your heart and body and protect you from various maladies.
  2. Along with better blood flow, CBD oil has been found to aid in white blood cell and platelet counts to help fight off various cardiovascular disorders.
  3. As healthier blood flows through the body, CBD oil’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are able to protect against heart damage from high glucose levels, inflammation, or type 2 diabetes.
  4. On top of all of that, they found that, as CBD oil helps reduce stress and responses to various aggressors, it is also helping limit the possibilities of a stroke. (2)

Other studies that involved human subjects echo similar to findings with regards to how CBD oil can help the heart.

They found that it had the potential to lower blood pressure and help reduce the risk of dire conditions like a heart attack, stroke, or metabolic syndrome.

One study involving 10 healthy men found CBD oil showed positive results for reducing blood pressure. The study also found that when these men underwent stress tests, they had a lower stress increase while medicating with CBD oil compared to when they weren’t medicated. Researchers believe this is due to CBD’s stress and anxiety reducing properties. (3)

While there is still much more research to be done, so far the outlook is good for CBD being a good solution for treating or preventing heart disease.

Side Effects of CBD Oil

Compared to prescription drugs or other medications – which can be addictive or cause other major side effects – CBD oil is considered to have rather limited side effects.

While side effects are not all that common, some patients have shown to have the following side effects: (3)

  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Lack of energy

CBD can also potentially counteract some medications or cause unwanted reactions. If you are currently on any medications and are considering taking CBD oil, consult with your doctor first. (3)

Taking CBD

There are many different ways to take CBD oil, and all of them can serve different purposes. Your chosen method should be based on your goals when medicating.

Here are some different ways to take CBD along with some reasons why it may or may not be the best way for you. (4)

Inhalation – Putting oil in a vaporizer pen and inhaling; similar to how some people vape tobacco products these days. (4)

This is considered to be the most effective way to medicate as it delivers CBD oil directly to the bloodstream via the lungs. It lets the CBD oil work the fastest and you get the most pure effect as the oil isn’t being filtered by anything before hitting your bloodstream.

TinctureA highly concentrated liquid extract of CBD that you take by placing drops of it under your tongue and letting it dissolve. (4)

Tinctures are considered to be the next best choice to vaping. They are more effective than edibles and capsules since they work faster, and are easier for your body to break down, allowing more of the CBD to be utilized instead of passing through your body.

However, one minor drawback is that tinctures will likely taste worse. (That’s why Natural Wellness’s CBD Isolate tincture comes in a tasty peppermint flavor!)

THC-free Hemp Oil 500MG

Edible/Capsules – Putting CBD oil into something edible like a gummy bear or easy to swallow pill. You can also be creative and consider mixing CBD oil right into a food recipe. (4)

These two methods won’t be as effective or fast-acting but have their own benefits. Some may not want to be inhaling vapor or dealing with the taste of a tincture, leading to this option which likely tastes better and can be consumed faster. That said, you will likely need a higher concentrated dose to get the same effect as vaping or tincture.

Topical Application – CBD oil is combined with creams or balms to then rub on your skin. (4)

This method is good for pain relief and healing when applied to a specific area. But it is only good on surface areas. As it does not enter the bloodstream, this would not be ideal when it comes to heart health or other internal issues.


To sum it all up, in a world where medical marijuana is becoming relatively common, CBD based products are showing to be a popular form of alternative medicine that can help you feel better without making you feel like you’re at a Phish concert.

If you feel you’re in danger of possible heart ailments or if you just want to explore a new supplement to help make you feel better, CBD oil may be great for you.

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