Silymarin Phytosome®

Milk thistle is the #1 recommended natural herb for liver health, confirmed by hundreds of clinical studies to protect the liver and body against virtually all types of damage.

Silymarin, is the purified extract of the fruits (seeds) of the milk thistle plant. It is the “active” ingredient in milk thistle and is responsible for the medical benefits of the milk thistle plant.

Silymarin is made up of primarily three main flavonoids: silybin, silydianin and silychristin.

The ONE PROBLEM with silymarin and other milk thistle formulas is that they are NOT absorbed well by the body, meaning that most of their benefits end up being expelled from your body as waste and flushed down the toilet, literally.

Clinical LiverSupport Silymarin PhytosomeClinical LiverSupport contains a patented, pharmaceutical grade milk thistle that solves this problem: Silymarin Phytosome®. It is clinically proven to be 10 times more absorbable.

Silymarin Phytosome® binds silymarin and phosphatidylcholine at the molecular level. Phosphatidylcholine, in addition to its many liver supporting qualities, is bound to the silymarin because it is the most important component of all cell membranes. It surrounds the silymarin and acts as a protective shield, raising the silymarin's absorption rate ten-fold. It can be thought of as a supercharged delivery system. It takes the silymarin and delivers it through your body in a way that increases its absorption into your body's tissues and cells by 10 times that of other silymarin.

Silymarin Phytosome Superior AbsorptionPlasma levels are used to measure absorbability. This graph demonstrates the notorious lack of absorption of ordinary silymarin found in competitors' milk thistle products, compared to the absorption of silymarin in Clinical LiverSupport. On its own, silymarin (the blue line) is barely absorbed at all, meaning practically none of it is utilized by your body. Compare that to the highly absorbed silymarin in Clinical LiverSupport (the red line).

As you can see, the silymarin in Clinical LiverSupport is quickly absorbed by your body and put to work where it is needed most. Levels of silymarin peak at 1 hour and after 6 hours, even though much of the silymarin levels have reduced, there is still 10 times more silymarin from Clinical LiverSupport in your body being utilized, unlike ordinary silymarin found in other milk thistle formulas.

This proves the difference between knowing a supplement works vs. hoping it works.