Page 4 - CBD Cures All: FACT or FICTION?
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Before moving forward, it should be noted that the cannabis family consists of 2
             different types of plants: hemp and marijuana. Marijuana is considerably higher in

             THC content while hemp has relatively little THC. Because of this, many companies
             choose to derive their CBD from hemp.

             Types of CBD Oil

             Regardless of which plant the CBD comes from, there are 2 different types of CBD oil:

                                                      CBD Isolate

                                                      This type is considered more pure, because it

                                                      goes through an extra extraction process to

                                                      remove all the THC and terpenes.

                                                      Full Spectrum CBD

                                                      This type has THC and terpenes in it, and can

                                                      provide a slight high or what is known as “the

                                                      entourage” effect.
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