Page 5 - CBD Cures All: FACT or FICTION?
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                                           There are over 50 known

                                           benefits of using CBD!

                                           Here are some of the most popular

                                           potential uses:


             CBD effects acne in 2 ways:

                 It’s anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce the inflammation of skin

                 within the zit.

                 It prevents the production of lipid synthesis (the oily substance) and induces
                 cell death in the sebaceous glands where pimples and cysts develop.

             ADD/ADHD & Focus

             By CBD providing a calming effect and its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, it

             enables you to be less distracted, focus better and be more productive.


             It has been found to be therapeutic for those suffering from opioid or cocaine


             ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

             CBD can help in symptom management of ALS, including analgesia, muscle

             relaxation, bronchodilation, saliva reduction, appetite stimulation, and sleep

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