Page 7 - CBD Cures All: FACT or FICTION?
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             Research has shown that CBD can reduce pain and inflammation due to

             immune/allergic reactions and asthma. CBD can also activate CB1 receptors on

             bronchial nerve endings to increase airflow, making it easier for one to breathe.


             CBD can help deal with some of Autism’s behavioral symptoms, including anxiety

             and seizures and with more research, it is hoped it can reverse them too.

             Bipolar Disorder

             CBD can help deal with the mood swings associated with Bipolar Affective



             Numerous studies have proven the health benefits of CBD on many forms of

             cancer, such as lung, prostate/colon, breast, brain, skin, endocrine, and bladder


             Studies have shown that CBD helps slow down tumor growth and it can help those
             undergoing cancer treatment better deal with the side effects of chemotherapy

             like nausea and pain.

             Studies have also shown that there was a lower rate of cancer among test subjects

             who were treated with CBD than those who weren't.

             Crohn’s and Colitis

             CBD is proven to alleviate the pain and anxiety associated with Crohn’s and Colitis.

             Endocrine Disorders

             CBD helps stimulate the endocrine system to secrete hormones in the body to

             better control appetite, food intake, energy balance and overall homeostasis.
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