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90 Capsules: 30-Day Supply

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Made with non-gmo ingredients Gluten free Manufactured in the United States

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After years of blood test results showing high liver numbers, one month on ultra milk thistle and selenium my liver numbers were normal! Great products. My doctor wasn't sure if I would get any results but after the blood test results came back, he was speechless.

John M

Recommended by Doctors to Help with Liver Issues - World's Highest Potency Milk Thistle Formula

  • Scientifically proven to be up to 10x more absorbable & up to 20x more effective than standard milk thistle formulas
  • Protects against alcohol, pollutants and other toxins harmful to the liver
  • Produces faster functional and structural rebuilding of liver cells

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Compare UltraThistle® to Other Milk Thistles

Milk Thistle Overview

Milk thistle is the #1 recommended natural herb for liver health, confirmed by hundreds of clinical studies to protect your liver against virtually all types of damage. Its therapeutic benefit comes from its seeds. Silymarin is the name given to the extract of its seeds. Silymarin is comprised of three main flavanoids:

  • silybin - also known as silibinin
  • silydianin - also known as silidianin
  • silychristin - also known as silicristin

According to the studies stated above it has been proven time and time again, that the silybin flavanoid in the silymarin extract is responsible for the majority of milk thistle's health benefits, even though it only makes up 50% of the silymarin extract.

What is the evidence to support the claim that UltraThistle is significantly better?

UltraThistle contains a patented, pharmaceutical grade milk thistle that combines silybin, the most beneficial flavanoid in silymarin (milk thistle) and phosphatidylcholine the most important component of all cell membranes, at the molecular level, to provide you with a milk thistle supplement that is clinically proven to be 10 times more absorbable than regular milk thistle.

The phosphatidylcholine, in addition to its own many liver supportive qualities, is used to help your body better absorb the silybin. It surrounds the silybin, protecting it as it travels through your body. It acts as a protective shield and can be thought of as a supercharged delivery system. It delivers the silybin through your body in a way that increases its absorption into your body's cells and, most importantly, your liver, by 10 times that of other silybin and regular silymarin (milk thistle).

Proof UltraThistle is absorbed 10X more than regular silybin.

In order for an ingredient to be utilized by your body, it first needs to be absorbed by your body. Better absorption leads to better utilization and better results.

In medical research, plasma levels are used to measure absorption. This graph demonstrates the notorious lack of absorption of ordinary silybin found in other milk thistle products, compared to the absorption of silybin in UltraThistle. On its own, ordinary silybin (the blue line) is barely absorbed at all, meaning practically none of it is utilized by your body. Compare that to the highly absorbed silybin in UltraThistle (the red line).

As you can see, the silybin in UltraThistle is quickly absorbed by your body, available to be used where it is needed most. Absorption levels of UltraThistle peak at 1 hour and even after 6 hours, though much of the UltraThistle has been depleted, there is still 10 times more silybin from UltraThistle in your body being utilized than ordinary silybin found in other milk thistle formulas.

This proves the difference between knowing a supplement works vs. hoping it works.

Comparison based on daily dosage of 360 mg of silybin in UltraThistle vs. 360 mg of milk thistle standardized to 80% silymarin.

Most milk thistle sold is standardized to 80% silymarin. This means silymarin, the active ingredient in these types of milk thistle supplement makes up 80% of the total milligrams. Therefore, if you purchased a 360 mg milk thistle product standardized to 80% silymarin, you would actually only receive 288 mg of silymarin. (360 mg x .80% = 288 mg silymarin).

Since most silymarin contains roughly 50% silybin, to continue the example above, a standardized milk thistle product containing 288 mg of silymarin will only contain 144 mg of silybin (288 mg x .50% = 144 mg silybin). So out of the original 360 mg of standardized milk thistle that we started with above, only 144 mg are silybin.

Therefore UltraThistle contains more than 2x the amount of silybin than other milk thistle supplements of the same dosage (360 mg of silybin in UltraThistle vs 360 mg of ordinary milk thistle).


10x the Absorption  X  2x the Silybin = 20x The Benefit

With a daily dosage of 360mg of silybin and 20x the benefit, UltraThistle is the world's highest potency milk thistle formula on the market today.

Why is UltraThistle a value at $44.99?

It's simple. Although there are cheaper alternatives, UltraThistle has been clinically proven to provide you 20 times the benefit for much less than 20 times the price. Now, that's a real value! Do not sacrifice your health by taking a less expensive, inferior product. You only have one liver and one body.

Try UltraThistle Risk-Free!

Dollar for dollar, no other milk thistle formula will beat UltraThistle for absorbency, effectiveness, total benefit, and value. WE GUARANTEE IT!

Remember, everyone's experience with a supplement is different, however we always offer a 100% money-back guarantee on every product.

Review this product

Great product.

Believe this supplement is a wonder drug for the liver. Had hep c. Went through 48 wks intrefur on/ribivian. Back after first blood test. Took this along with LiverCare until harvoni came out and cured now but still take it ever day. Great product...

Amazon Customer, Amazon Review

Love this product!

I was advised by a friend waiting for a liver transplant to take this when I was diagnosed with Liver Disease. Cost efficient. Capsules are easy to swallow!

TiaAngel, Amazon Review

High Liver Enzymes No More

I started taking this due to high level liver enzymes. After only a week my levels started to go down and I started to have fantastic energy. I highly recommend.

shawn smith, Amazon Review

Always good for your immune system

This is a regular purchase. Always good for your immune system. AAA+++++

Joseph W. Bronson, Amazon Review

Im doing this review to tell every person out there to buy this product!.. it works!!. My first lab test came back with elevated AST and ALT enzymes. I read about the product, bought it in conjunction with Liv 52, abstained from my usual vodka martinis to red wine and lo and behold 6 months to the date I went for a second lab test. Guess what?. My liver enzymes are within the normal range thank GOD and this product. Please note that I had been taking Liv 52 alone but it did not help me without Ultra Thistle. I truly believe that the combo is undoubtedly the formula to success!.. BUY IT AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!

Robert C

Great quality stuff

Great quality milk thistle, these pills are amazing the body absorbs them well as they are highly concentrated. This stuff really works well. Two thumbs up, they help me regain back my stamina.

Juan Angel, Amazon Review


Take one capsule three times daily or all at once. Each bottle includes 90 capsules containing 360 mg of Silybin Phytosome® - a one-month supply.


The German Commission E Monographs (considered by doctors to be the bible of herbal effectiveness and safety) states there are no known contraindications for using milk thistle extract. Additionally, there is no known toxicity level.

Please consult with a health care professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a medical condition, are currently taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Milk thistle (silymarin) may reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives, therefore backup birth control methods should be used while taking UltraThistle®.


UltraThistle® contains 360mg of the active ingredient Silybin Phytosome® (Siliphos®). Silybin is the most beneficial component of the milk thistle extract. Silybin is then bound to phosphatidylcholine which has been shown to dramatically increase absorption, biological activity and delivery of silybin to your liver.

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