Maximum Milk Thistle Comparison

Facts to Remember:

Maximum Milk Thistle
  1. Maximum Milk Thistle® provides a patented, highly-absorbable, standardized form of milk thistle, called Silybin Phytosome®, that delivers up to 10 times more of milk thistle’s most beneficial active ingredient, silybin, to your liver
  2. Maximum Milk Thistle also contains over 2x the amount of silybin than found in standard milk thistle formulas of the same dosage, providing enhanced benefits to your liver.


Maximum Milk Thistle's® daily recommended dosage contains 240 mg of silybin, the most beneficial active ingredient in milk thistle. The chart below will show how many capsules of each competitor’s product are needed to equal the effectiveness of the 240 mg of silybin contained in just 3 capsules of Maximum Milk Thistle, taken daily. It will clearly demonstrate how potent, convenient and cost effective Maximum Milk Thistle is as compared to its competitors. Keep in mind that UltraThistle® contains even more silybin - 360 mg - so you would need even more of the competitor’s product to equal the strength of UltraThistle®

Type of Milk Thistle
(Capsules per Bottle)
Number of capsules per day needed to equal the effectiveness of 240 mg of silybin in Maximum Milk Thistle® Number of Bottles Needed for a 30-day Supply Cost Per Bottle* Total Cost*
Maximum Milk Thistle®
(Natural Wellness)
Silybin Phytosome® 240 mg
(90 capsules/bottle)
Milk Thistle
(Nature’s Bounty)
Milk Thistle Seed Extract
250 mg Standardized to 80% Silymarin
(200 capsules/bottle)
Milk Thistle
Milk Thistle Seed Extract
120 mg Standardized to 80% Silymarin
(100 capsules/bottle)
Milk Thistle
(Nature's Way)
Milk Thistle Seed Extract
175 mg Standardized to 80% Silymarin
(60 capsules/bottle)

* Based upon 2023 regular pricing from representative product sites on the Internet.
Comparison based on 240 mg of silybin in Maximum Milk Thistle® vs. 240 mg of milk thistle standardized to 80% silymarin.

Chart Notes:

  1. Standardized to 80% silymarin — The active ingredients of milk thistle (known collectively as silymarin) make up 80% of the total milligrams of the standardized milk thistle product. Therefore, if you purchased a 240 mg milk thistle product standardized to 80% silymarin, you would actually only have 192 mg of the active ingredients (240 mg x .80% = 192 mg).

  2. Silymarin contains only 50% silybin, the most beneficial of the active ingredients and responsible for the majority of milk thistle's liver-protective qualities. To continue the example above, a standardized milk thistle product containing 192 mg of silymarin only contains 96 mg of silybin (192 mg x .50% = 96 mg). So out of the original 240 mg of standardized milk thistle that we started with above, only 96 mg are silybin. Maximum Milk Thistle® has a daily dosage of 240 mg of silybin. Therefore, Maximum Milk Thistle® contains over 2x the amount of silybin found in an equivalent amount of a standardized milk thistle product.

  3. Maximum Milk Thistle's patented ingredient is 10x more absorbable — meaning you're getting 10x LESS silybin absorbed by your body with just a standardized milk thistle!