Hear what our satisfied customers have to say about Natural Wellness® and our products.

Customer Service Testimonials

Customer Service at Natural Wellness: Fantastic. They get 5 stars *****!

- Tave L

The staff are excellent in assisting with questions and answering calls.

- K. Beardsley

They are always quick to respond to my email with answers that I am needing. Very nice and professional.

- L. Casebolt

I can truly say you exceeded my expectations. Also, I want to thank all of you for your customer service. Everyone I have had an opportunity to speak with was very professional, pleasant and patient.

- S. Liverio

Your help over the phone is VERY pleasant, patient and informative.

- K. Franca

One stand out point I would like to note: your customer service was outstanding! Via telephone and email they were ultimately the deciding factor in choosing your company! You have a new client and I will refer you to colleagues!

- N. Yamaji

Phone customer service is EXCELLENT. Everyone is very kind and very helpful. Thank you for that. That is a rare thing anymore.

- B. Dimick

I was purchasing a supplement from another company and it cost much more. I am now able to get the same thing on autoship for so much less! Thank you Natural Wellness!

- D.E.

Any time I have called your office I received courteous help and attention.

- V. Wade

Your staff also was always available for questions and always very pleasant to talk with. Keep up the good work!!!

- P. Michaelson

I am very impressed with the professional courtesy and response of your staff!

- D. Marland
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EasyAutoShip Testimonials

Very flexible and accommodating.

- Richard T., Tampa, FL

It is nice to talk to a real person who can make changes to your order if needed. When I added another auto ship, you called to make sure that was what I wanted to do. When I email, I get a prompt answer that is very personal. Never canned computer generated responses you can't reply to. Everyone is always so helpful and nice. If I need my shipment early, they do it. If I need to cancel a shipment, they do it, too!

- C. Carroll, Hondo, TX

During a recent inflammation when I had little energy and much else to deal with, it was a great help knowing the order was taken care of already.

- Karen N.

It works great. I receive an email and then I can adjust when I actually need to have the order shipped. Email has worked great. Quick responses and everything promised was done.

- John M., IL

Helpful, fast and efficient.

- T. Wells, Houston, TX

As easy as a phone call.

- Don S., NY

I have been able to continue with my regiment without delay knowing that my product will be shipped automatically and saving money in the process. My experience when needing to alter my plan has been easy. No problems at all.

- Gloria M.

Simple and quick. The representative offered me a solution of changing my autoship to 45 days instead of 30 and that has worked very well for me.

- Clayre

E-mail was answered very quickly. Great job ... I have also called and the representative was courteous and efficient and knew exactly what I was talking about.

- V. K. Perritte

I never have to worry about running out of product. Smooth and easy ... never a problem!

- K. Reed

It's always a pleasant experience dealing with your representatives. It is easy to make changes to my shipping plans at any time.

- R. Brown, CT

No hassle and very easy.

- R. K. Jones, MD

I received an email giving me a shipping date and I still had 1 1/2 bottles on hand; I emailed the company and asked to send the shipment on a later day, and they did. With no problems.

- B. Hanchett, Houston, TX

Your representatives are superb in not only taking orders but in calculating shipment dates based upon regimens prescribed.

- V. Bennett

I wish the rest of my life were this simple! You folks are top-notch!

- V. H. Salinas, CA

It's simply great, never have to worry about running out of my product.

- B. J. Livermore, CA
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