Silybin Phytosome®

At the molecular level, Silybin Phytosome® combines silybin – the most active and beneficial ingredient in milk thistle, responsible for the majority of milk thistle's therapeutic benefit – with phosphatidylcholine, the most important component of all cell membranes. This newly-created structure causes the phosphatidylcholine to surround the silybin and act as a protective shield, providing dramatically-enhanced bioavailability and faster absorption of the silybin in your intestinal tract. It is clinically proven to deliver up to 10 times more of milk thistle's active ingredient into your bloodstream and to your liver.

Research also shows that the phosphatidylcholine contained in Maximum Milk Thistle® supports liver and total body health by promoting healthy enzyme, antioxidant and lipid metabolic activities, as well as producing faster functional and structural rebuilding of liver tissue and cells.