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Maximum Milk Thistle®

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90 Capsules: 30-Day Supply

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Up to 10x More Absorbable &
up to 20x More Effective

  • Our patented form of milk thistle is absorbed up to 10x more by your body than standard milk thistle and double the amount of silybin – the most beneficial component of milk thistle. 10x the Absorption X 2x the Silybin = 20x The Benefit
  • Protects your liver naturally against alcohol, pollutants and all forms of toxins
  • Regenerates healthy liver cells and promotes healthy liver enzymes levels
  • Fights free radicals and reduces inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Gluten free
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients
  • Manufactured to meet FDA cGMP standards

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What Customers are Saying...


Steven C

I have been purchasing Maximum Milk Thistle for over 1 year from Natural Wellness. This is a high quality product that is better than any other Milk Thistle product on today's market. I use to work for a supplements manufacturer as their Purchasing Manager, and did some R&D work for them as well. I really know what I am talking about, and I highly recommend this.


Per serving Maximum Milk Thistle® is proven to be the most potent and cost-effective milk thistle product that you can buy today to support your liver!

All milk thistle products are not alike. Yes, there are less expensive and even "cheap" milk thistle products available – online and in stores – but why sacrifice the health of your liver by purchasing one of them? None will provide the superior protection that Maximum Milk Thistle does. The active ingredients in these other milk thistle products are not absorbed well by the body. To experience any benefit from such products requires the expensive and impractical ingestion of large quantities – not the ideal option.

Maximum Milk Thistle is superior to all other milk thistle formulations because it is scientifically proven to be up to 10x more absorbable & up to 20x more effective.

Due to Maximum Milk Thistle's patented, standardized form of milk thistle called Silybin Phytosome®, its active ingredients are better absorbed by your body and travel through your bloodstream to where they do the most good – your liver. For you to experience any benefit from other milk thistle products or to equal the absorbency, effectiveness and protection of what is provided in just 3 capsules, daily, of Maximum Milk Thistle, you would have to take many more capsules of these other products and spend more than $34.95 per month. Compare Maximum Milk Thistle® to other products.


  • Protects your liver naturally against alcohol, pollutants and all forms of toxins
  • Replaces lost liver cells and regenerates new ones
  • Produces faster functional and structural rebuilding of liver tissue and cells than other milk thistle formulas
  • Promotes your liver's function in fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, and storage of vitamins and minerals
  • Fights free radicals and reduces inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Gluten free

Compare Maximum Milk Thistle® to other products

Bottom line, Maximum Milk Thistle is dramatically more effective for liver support than any milk thistle product on the market today and for less than $1 per day, the very best value for your milk thistle dollar!

Remember, everyone's experience with a supplement is different, however we always offer a 100% money-back guarantee on every product.

Review this product

[My doctor] agreed that it was a beneficial product and that I would continue using it.

Anthony L.

Checked with my PCP since I believe that milk thistle can help protect the liver for those of us on a statin. She agreed there may be some benefit and it cannot harm me but wanted me using a good quality product. That's why I went with Natural Wellness


Great Product (Maximum Milk Thistle!) - and very good, responsive customer service!! Great company!


Highly recommended!

After being diagnosed with "biliary colic" (no stones detected), my doctor recommended that I take milk thistle. After some research, it looked like this was the best product to try. I take this daily (per the recommendation on the bottle) and eat beets or take beet powder once daily. Those two things combined, plus some fat restriction in my diet, have allowed me to return to a pain free state. I've found that if I stop the milk thistle or the beets, pain returns even if I stick to the diet portion. I've also tried plain milk thistle from my local store, but this stuff seems to be superior. Of course discuss any treatments with with your doctor first for long term care, but hopefully this info will help others who are going through a similar situation. It's been 3 months since my diagnosis and before this I was in a lot of pain!

J B, Amazon Review

Four Stars

just as described

Barbara H, Amazon Review

Four Stars

taking it twice a day!

MeMellg, Amazon Review

Liver support & Detox and Maximum Milk Thistle

I believe these products help keep my Liver free from Cirrosis after I was diagnosed with Hepititis C. Thanks to natural wellness I was always able to order just what I needed.


LiverSupport & Detox and Maximum Milk Thistle

please tell us the name of the product(s) and share the benefits you have enjoyed from your use of each product.


I myself could not take this made me sick to my stomach....try to several I won't be taking it anymore!

Lucy Hrncir, Amazon Review

Reply from Natural Wellness

We're very sorry to hear about your experience while taking Maximum Milk Thistle. With higher dosages of milk thistle some people may experience loose bowl movements or gastric discomfort. We usually suggest decreasing the daily intake if you are experiencing these side effects, until they subside. We do offer a few other milk thistle supplements you may be interested in that are lower dosages than Maximum Milk Thistle: Milk Thistle 500 Milk Thistle with Artichoke & Turmeric Liver Support & Detox

My husband has taken this for many years and has done very well with his Hep C. His count has not gone up and we attribute this to the milk thistle.


Excellent product

Debbie Newton, Amazon Review

Excellent product!!

This saved my life! I found out I have MTMFR gene mutation and I don't detox like everyone else. I always felt more rundown than the average, despite keeping a clean lifestyle. I was given advice to take this from a friend and it's completely saved my life! It has given me more energy, cleared up my skin, reduced brain fog and overall made me feel better. I take it three times a day. Excellent clean product! I've recommended it to my friend who is recovering from breast cancer, who is taking lots of meds. Great product to push the gunk out of your system!

Jenna G, Amazon Review

I had a little pain in my liver when drank...

I had a little pain in my liver when drank alcohol, with this milk thistle no more pain and less alcohol

John R. Hanson, Amazon Review

milk thistle

good product

sb, Amazon Review

Purchased 2 last month and i am sad to say that im allergic to the product. Rashes and bumps all over my body after taking it. Was looking forward to taking the supplement regularly. So sad to find out that i cant. Any recommended dosage maybe?


Love it

I take this everyday and it seems to be helping.

Lee, Amazon Review

Five Stars

Best milk thistle on the market

Michael Davidson, Amazon Review

When i placed my order, it said that i will recieve it in 2-4 weeks. Guess what, the shipment arrived today, a week after i ordered it and i am from thailand. Can't wait to try your product and get healthy. Kudos

Epieh suthammikorn

It has helped tremendously in regaining proper functioning of my liver.

Hilary Rose

Five Stars

I feel much better after using this product.

Viva LaFrance, Amazon Review

Great product

Love cleaning my body this way. Works great!

Fran Jones, Amazon Review

great product

I buy this for my dog. It's wonderful.

Anna Bouzyk, Amazon Review

It's wonderful.

I buy this for my dog. It's wonderful.

Mariellena Politis, Amazon Review

great product

Love this product, works great with Ab Cuts.... Down 15 pounds in three weeks!!!

Amazon Customer, Amazon Review

Wonderful product

I really belive this is a great product and will contimue to use it.

Joanna Mayer, Amazon Review

I am Hep-C positive. I have been using this product for a few months. I must say i see and feel the difference this product has made in my life. The swelling has gone down, my system seems to be able to flush out toxins that i normally had problems doing. Thank you, and please keep up the good work you are doing to help others just like me.

Crystal M.

I have been taking Milk Thistle for a few months now and it has lmy liver ensigns go down.I have liver problems from my family on my mothers side that caused the liver ensigns go up so high that it causes the liver causes the liver to poison the liver to destroy itself and then in the mid 60\'s to early 70 damage the liver so bad it poisons the liver and then kills the liver to die out.The ensigns goes so high it kills the liver with no warning.since I have been taking the Milk thistle my ensigns have dropped down to normal.My Dr. takes blood test every month and my ensigns have been in the good range for several months now.It has also helped my chjolestrol go down as it stays high cause of family causes it to run high also even with meds. and diet but nothing helps except the milk thistle helps keep it down to almost normal.My readings are almost all normal now since I take milk thistle.It has really helped my liver by taking milk 3 times a day/ I have now my 45 yr. old daughter taking them.Take them you will gain more life if you do.

Julie Beck

I was diagnosed with hepatitis C 35 years ago. I did some research and found people with hep C responded well and stayed more healthy taking silymarin. I started taking milk thistle supplements at the health food store, but then I discovered Natural Wellness Milk Thistle (silymarin) and started using it. This has helped my liver enzyme levels to normalize and has kept me healthy for many years. I love this company! I have them drop ship my order and it is always on time and never an issue with billing. They have accommodated me when I have had to have them stop shipping for a month or so and start it back up when requested. They have a real quality product and are a real quality company. Thank you for the years of good health! I feel like you are friends! Sincerely, Pam P.

Pam P.

I have been using the maximum milk thistle for many years after I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. I have taken it faithfully and as a result, I believe, my levels were always stable and eventually I took Harvoni when this medication was available and was cured. Because my hep C was so stable throughout the years, I only had to take that medication for one month to achieve the cure. I will continue to take the maximum milk thistle, as I believe this will continue to keep my liver healthy. Thank you so much for a wonderful product.


Eventually cured my husband's fatty liver due to hepatitis A infections.


I have had elevated liver enzyme levels for many years - I drink more than I should. I entered a wellness program at age 57, 3 years ago. I get my blood tested every 3 months. I have not changed my drinking habits, and my liver tests stayed the same until this past test. My sister died of liver failure - alcoholism and pain pills did her in, bad backs run in the family, as does alcoholism. 8 months ago I started taking regular Milk Thistle extract every day - in addition to all the other supplements and exercise. No change in the blood tests. Four months ago I went with Maximum Milk Thistle. This past blood test, for the first time in probably 20 years - or longer - my bilirubin count is high-normal, not above average. Major improvement. Yes, I am a believer.

Joe Wagner

I have a liver problem and when I would push on it with my fingers it would hurt. I've had this problem for many years, not long after I started taking your milk thistle the pain gradually went away. My liver is getting soft again I'm very pleased with the results. Thank you.

Paul Richard

Great product and a good company to do business with.

speedy 79, Amazon Review

This is effective; however, I have cut the dosage twice as thistle products tend to aggravate allergic reactions, this one does too.


Reply from Natural Wellness

We're sorry to hear that you had a reaction while taking Maximum Milk Thistle. It's possible that you have a sensitivity or allergy to ragweed that perhaps you aren't aware of. The only known side effect of milk thistle is that at high dosages some people may experience loose stools. However, each individual is unique and anyone could have an allergy to any given substance.

My husband has had Hep C since the '70s, when he received a blood transfusion. He is a non-responder, but has been on this product for over 10 years. His biopsy did not reveal cancer, and subsequent CT scans show some scarring, but not progressively over the years. Is this a cure? No, but as long as his yearly test results are negative, he will be happy to continue taking Maximum Milk Thistle.

Norma L.

I have been using your Maximum Milk Thistle for many years now. I have Hep C and I just had a liver biopsy two weeks ago. They found that my liver has not progressed any worse than my last biopsy 9 years ago. I most definitely believe that using your product has made the difference in those results. I would highly recommend it!

Nicky, NW Ohio

I used Maximum Milk Thistle for quite a number of years and found it reliable.


I like this stuff and I usually take 2-3 capsules per day. Loving it.

Gelana, Amazon Review

My liver still seems to be in good shape after having Hep. C. for 30 years.


The "Real Deal"

5 Stars***** Natural Wellness Milk Thistle is the "Real Deal". A good value...*when comparing always make sure you get a Milk Thistle Capsule containing Silybin Phytosome. Recommend!

Debra, Amazon Review

All I can say is that I had Hep C I also found out a friend had Hep C both of us were put on the same medication for a year very bad stuff we both took blood test and came back positive. After about a year we went on more medication for a year again this time I was the only one who came back positive. After about a year I tried sometime else still positive. One day talking with my friend he told me he had been taking milk thistle for a few years so I signed up for Maximum Milk Thistle. About a year later tried new medication after 3 months blood test came back undetected for Hep C stayed on med's for a year blood test still showed undetected for Hep C that was 3 years ago still undetected and still taking Maximum Milk Thistle not sure if that had anything to do with it but I going to keep taking Maximum Milk Thistle.


I have hepatitis C and my liver enzymes have been normal for 7 years using your product.

Boyce from Tallahassee

I use it for liver problems I have. It was my son whom actually researched many places for the right milk thistle for me. I can't remember when he found it, it was years ago, however long I've been on it. I think it was almost 10 years ago. It has kept my liver stable.

Lois, Tampa FL

I have been using Maximum Milk Thistle for about 2 1/2 years, supplemented with NAC for about the last year. You have literally given me a new lease on life. My viral load test year over year has remained stable at about 1,000,000 IU/L. More importantly my energy levels are up and coupling the MMT and NAC with vitamin C and Schizandra has stopped my G-I tract from acting like a war-torn battlefield. My doctor has literally been upgraded in his education by my research and use of Maximum Milk Thistle. I gave him some print-outs on it and associated clinical testing. He was appreciative and receptive. He stopped recommending standardized milk thistle to other patients as a result. He now recommends Maximum Milk Thistle.

Sacramento, CA Roy K.

I had to quit using this product as it made my skin break out in bumps when i out in the sun- sun sensitivity.


Reply from Natural Wellness

We're sorry to hear that you had this type of reaction while taking Maximum Milk Thistle. It's possible that you have a sensitivity or allergy to ragweed that perhaps you aren't aware of. The only known side effect to milk thistle is that at high dosages some people may experience loose stools. However, each individual is unique and anyone could have an allergy to any given substance.

MY Favoritie brand of Milk Thistle

Natural Wellness Milk Thistle is Wonderful, it is the only brand I will buy since I found it 5 years ago! You can really feel the difference between it and other lower costing milk thistles. If you are looking for a great milk thistle, look no further!

Devin Glover, Amazon Review

blood tests came back almost normal and reversing severe liver damage

I bought this for my husband who has a swollen liver and severe liver damage after taking it for two weeks he had his blood work done and all his numbers went down drastically and his liver went down a little. When we first asked the doc about taking the supplement he said it wouldn't hurt but there's no studies it does any good. After getting his results back he said everything's starting to look good and keep doing what your doing. I really think it's the milk thistle, he didn't start getting better till he started taking this supplement. It's a bit pricey but it's worth it.

velia herrera, Amazon Review

I started taking Maximum Milk Thistle a number of years ago after reading an article in Prevention Magazine about the significant antioxidants & specifically the benefits to the liver of milk thistle. I am on a statin medication & enjoy a glass or two of wine most evenings. I feel the liver protection benefits of milk thistle are advantageous to my continued good health.

V.W., Birmingham, AL

I have been taking Maximum Milk Thistle and consider it to be good insurance for my liver health.

Penny, Boston, MA

I feel that my general well-being has been enhanced by using Maximum Milk Thistle to assist my liver (the body's sieve!) identify, process, and eliminate harmful substances.

Allen, East Anglia, UK

I have great faith in your Maximum Milk Thistle, as it's the only [supplement] I've taken consistently over these past seven years.

Bill M.

I believe [Maximum Milk Thistle] was and is a way to help control hep c virus while new therapies are being developed.

Richard C., Bosque Farms, NM

Maximum Milk Thistle makes me feel like I have at least some control over taking care of my own body and my liver condition, and that there's hope I can keep myself as healthy as I can. Thank you for such an excellent product

Lorraine B.

"Doctor said to me: Maximum Milk Thistle can help your liver (stop illness) but cannot remove illness

Client from Belgrade, Serbia

I can't say enough good things about Maximum Milk Thistle. I have tried three different types of milk thistle ... I was ecstatic after taking your product for just three months. Thank you so much and keep up the wonderful research!!

Peggy M.

Great product been using for more than 5 years have NEVER had a problem with autoship. Company very flexible, quick to answer phones and I am very happy and loyal customer! Recommend to anyone who has HEP C

Puerto Rico

Excellent product. I've been using for several years and it has been invaluable for my liver


Been taking this for years

I take this stuff because I'm a drinker. Annual blood tests have proven it to work for me. I would recommend it to anyone who has high liver enzymes for whatever the reason. For me, it has zero side-effects. Talk to your doctor and see what he thinks about it.

Letter Addict, Amazon Review

I have been using this product for over 5 yrs, it has helped me very much. The customer service is excellent I am in an autoship program which unlike other companies is very flexible, when i want to postpone shipment it is done no questions asked. Quality and the service the best in the industry


Both my Primary Care Doctor and my Gastro are very impressed with my health history, and I firmly believe they would assume there is indeed a cause and effect relationship between my improvement and my use of Maximum Milk Thistle

Malcom G.

I have been on the [EasyAutoShip] for Maximum Milk Thistle for several years now. It is so easy. If I need to delay an order, Natural Wellness is very accommodating. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The Maximum Milk Thistle, in my opinion, is the best on the market.

Colorado Girl

I have used this product for years and I believe it has kept me healthy. This company is the best to deal with. I have had to change my order a few times and even had them hold shipments because I had some left and they have been wonderful to deal with. They carry wonderful quality products and have great customer service.


I am an R.N. and have been taking Maximum Milk Thistle for four years, as recommended by my gastroenterologist. I believe this product is the best milk thistle on the market taking into consideration the quality & the amount of mg you get for the money. Also delivered to your door - a great convenience.

Clare G.

This milk thistle truly works. It keeps my liver enzymes normal. If you take medication it cleans the liver from free radicals. It is the best milk thistle on the market without a doubt!


Great Product!

I believe this is really helping my liver function and keeping it more healthy as I can tell a difference. Will continue buying this product.

Rachel Carnicelli, Amazon Review

I did used Liv.52 and Maximum Milk Thistle over 2 years now. After 25 years I did find out I have Hep C. I did the treatment with medicine and the shot for 6 months, I felt tired and lost energy. A year later another program for Hep C came out but after I tried for 2 weeks I gave up because I can't handle the medicine and I still do the shot myself for the treatment. When I go to the research I did find out about Milk Thistle. After 2 shipments I feel a little better and I did use Liv.52 and Milk thistle for 2 years. I feel my energy recover. I did go to follow up blood tests. The result outcome is good because the virus is sleeping not active then I keep ordering the product for every 3 to 4 months supply. This is just a supplement is not a medicine so it takes time to help. I think nothing is a miracle but you have to do the best for your life, this products is good support for Hep. system. Until today I still order and I will use them for the rest of my life.


"I have been a customer of Natural Wellness for many years. Natural wellness has always provided me with prompt courteous service for what I believe is the best Milk Thistle available to consumers.


My primary care says keep doing whatever it is your doing: I take Maximum Milk Thistle daily. And it arrives on time always.


Supplements always arrive on time; customer service is impeccable and I recommend Natural Wellness to anyone considering using the company.


Great Product

This specific product is like no other milk thistle around. I truly believe in it. The results of the product go without saying. I feel great since I started using it years ago. I wouldn't change a thing about it-except of course the price can always be decreased!

Erin, Amazon Review

Maximum Milk Thistle - I have enjoyed the use of this supplement to the best of my ability. I feel better from my liver. When I never used any supplement, I felt discomfort. Now since I have been using the Maximum Milk Thistle, it does not feel that way anymore.

J. Robledo Jr., Bakersfield, CA

Good supplement

I take this product regularly, although not as much as they recommend, and it seems to help. My blood tests have improved.

Stephen R. Hall, Amazon Review

Exactly as it says PROTECT YOUR LIVER!

I am very grateful for this excellent product. it actually works! in fact helped me for digestion. Recommended by me Thanks

cleos, Amazon Review

A life extending product! WONDERFUL!


The most effective Milk Thistle on the market. Love the customer service.


The quality of your product and efficiency of delivery is top class. Often there are useful tid bits to be had in your newsletter. Well Done.


I have been a customer of Natural Wellness for many years. Natural Wellness has always provided me with prompt curious service for what I believe is the best Milk Thistle available to consumers.


Great product been using for more than 5 years have NEVER had a problem with autoship. Company very flexible, quick to answer phones and i am very happy and loyal customer! Recommend to anyone who has HEP C!

Puerto rico

I have been purchasing Maximum Milk Thistle for over 1 year from Natural Wellness. This is a high quality product that is better than any other Milk Thistle product on today's market. I use to work for a supplements manufacturer as their Purchasing Manager, and did some R&D work for them as well. I really know what I am talking about, and I highly recommend this.

Steven C


Take one capsule three times daily or all at once. Each bottle includes 90 capsules containing 240 mg of Silybin Phytosome® - a one-month supply.


The German Commission E Monographs (considered by doctors to be the bible of herbal effectiveness and safety) states there are no known contraindications for using milk thistle extract. Additionally, there is no known toxicity level.

Please consult with a health care professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a medical condition, are currently taking prescription drugs, or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Milk thistle (silymarin) may reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives, therefore backup birth control methods should be used while taking Maximum Milk Thistle®.


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