Energy Booster


Provides a quick, healthy boost of energy that increases your concentration, performance, and alertness without any crash.

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Fatigue Relief Plus®


Naturally increase your energy at the cellular level without caffeine and other stimulants and the crashes associated with them. Includes a highly absorbable form of milk thistle to protect your liver and regenerate liver cells.

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Fast Asleep


Fast dissolving melatonin lozenges help you fall asleep, providing a deep, healthy sleep. They melt in your mouth and start working in 20 minutes, quicker than capsules or tablets, and bypass the stomach where acids can reduce their effectiveness.

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Stress Relief


Extended release formula provides stress relief for the entire day. It helps maintain a normal, healthy nervous system, support immune function compromised during times of stress, and provide energy to counteract the exhaustion caused by stress.

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Natural Music for Sleep CD

$11.95 SALE! $7.17

"I have 7 or 8 Dr. Jeffrey Thompson CDs. This is one of my top 2 favorites. It has nature sounds, but also some musical pieces. My husband says he doesn't like the cricket sounds, but I find them soothing. This CD also helps keep the dogs asleep, and I think it reduces my husband's snoring ;)" ~ Jackie

A clinically proven musical system that helps you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling rested and refreshed. Great for both adults and children.

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Healthy Mood


Healthy Mood is formulated to address deficiencies that can contribute to mood instability. Through the combination of vitamins, herbs and amino acids it allows you to attain a healthy mood and positive outlook.

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Brain Support


Brain Support is a natural brain supplement that improves mental focus, concentration and memory in all ages.

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Unwind CD


"When I get too anxious, especially at night, I listen to this disc. Half the time it puts me to sleep, and it always makes me feel less stressed." ~ Nadia

Need to reduce anxiety, incorporate a peaceful start to your day, or gently ease yourself into slumber? This unique collaboration includes ambient vocals, keyboards, percussion, cello, bass, esraj, and guitars embedded with clinically proven Alpha Relaxation audio processes developed Dr. Jeffrey Thompson to quiet the mind and bring peace and tranquility.

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LongeviTeas - Sleep Time Tea


"Very similar taste profile to celestial seasonings sleepy time but seems to be higher quality with fresher ingredients. A great relaxing evening drink" ~ Kristen

Relax and unwind - tuck yourself into bed and enjoy a restful night's sleep with a cup of our delicious Sleep Time tea

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A natural proprietary herbal formula that relieves stress and reduces fatigue, mood swings and sleeplessness. It also supports normal adrenal function, general fitness and overall well-being.

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Vitamin D3 5,000 IU


Vitamin D comes in two forms, vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. We offer vitamin D3, the natural, more effective form of vitamin D. Learn why Vitamin D3 is more easily absorbed and more potent.

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Unflavored UltraNourish


Get the Nutrients You're Missing for Optimal Liver Health! The 1st vegetarian superfood protein shake to nourish your body and liver. It's simply the most nutrient dense shake focused on liver health.

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Chocolate UltraNourish


Same great ingredients as original UltraNourish - New Chocolate UltraNourish! Lightly sweet and utterly delicious, Chocolate UltraNourish is a premium superfood, plant-based protein shake mix that focuses on your liver, heart, digestion and immune system to provide you with TOTAL BODY support.

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Harmony CD

$15.95 SALE! $9.57

Since it was released in 1997, this CD has elevated the relaxation music genre to a new level of meaning and resonance and continues to be a best-seller.

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Self-Care for Hepatitis C (CD)

$18.95 SALE! $13.27

"As a Hepatitis C success story I count this lovely audio CD as a integral part of my healing process!" ~Ephemera Voss

Whether you're newly diagnosed, an old-timer, coinfected, on treatment, relapsed or regenerating, utilizing the mind-body connection through meditation is a good strategy to better health. Specifically designed for those diagnosed with Hepatitis C, this set provides applied meditation to help you complete your circle of care.

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Meditation CD


"The man who created this album is a soundscape expert, it truly is meditative and relaxing." ~Catherine S. Afra

The music of Meditation is designed to melt away stress and tension and to restore a sense of peace and calmness.

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Living Without Stress or Fear

$69.95 SALE! $34.98

"This is an unbelievable life changing teaching. We need this more now than ever. You cant put a price on the peace this program will bring into your life." ~Jonathan Henrich

Through the practice of mindfulness, find freedom from the grip of emotions like anxiety, anger, and despair.

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