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Can Dogs Be Our Guardian Angels?

Are dogs pre-programmed for true loyalty from all those years of being domesticated? Or are they really our guardian angels in disguise?

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Looking at your own personal experience with your dog can make you do some serious thinking on whether or not this is true – especially if you have shared a remarkable moment in time that can made you reflect back on life.

Humans throughout history have had an affinity for angels. There are many religions other than Christianity that have angels and many of these religions also hold the canine companion in high regard. Are they really our living world messengers who are there for us for more than companionship? Is it simply serendipity that we share our lives with these wonderful companions who we feel we chose – or is it rather the other way around?

Some people believe that our pets, especially dogs, are divine intervention, and we are sent messengers or companions to lead us through life for a reason.

Do dogs really sense what is going on around us before we do or is it their super sense of smell that leads them on before we know it? Is this the reason why we feel they are the “guardian angels” of the animal kingdom? Their sense of smell is so acute that many dogs are doing more than just showing up in television shows searching for missing people. Dogs are now being trained to use their super sleuthing powers for sniffing to help identify drugs, bombs, bodies and even some types of cancer. Many dogs are trained to know if their human counterpart is going to have a seizure or act as their guiding eyes.

Could they be a guardian angel coming to us with a message or have we finally tapped into really learning how to communicate with them?

With their big eyes, gentle nature and the desire to please their human companions, it is easy to see and feel how dogs can be our guardian angels in disguise. Dogs are known for their loyalty to their families and sometimes even one special person. Does that mean they have picked out that person because they know they need more guidance in life? Or were they sent to that person to help for a reason by another superior being?

It does not matter if you are a believer or not, there are some relationships with our canine companions that cannot be explained. Perhaps it is divine intervention or that you are simply more attuned and attentive to your furry friend’s wants and needs. In return they repay that favor with unconditional love and gratitude. No matter the case, each family with a loyal dog is blessed with their own angel in disguise., “Angels in Different Religions and Cultures.” Retrieved 10/25/14., Angel Animal Network: Angel Dogs by Allen Anderson and Willard Scott. Retrieved 10/25/14., Julio E. Correa, Extension Animal Scientist, Associate Professor, Food and Animal Sciences, Alabama A&M University. Retrieved 10/25/14., The Phenomenon of Grieving Dogs: The Ultimate Loyalty by Lauren Hansen. Retrieved 10/25/14.

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