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Cats and the Sixth Sense

Cats throughout history have gotten the wrong end of the stick for being the symbol of bad luck; more so for our fellow black cats. But why?

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Does it all boil down to fear? Fear of the unknown, the unexplained, and the question of “is there an afterlife” that we need to worry about. Many say it was easier to blame a cat for something that they could not explain and understand.

As time pressed to the modern era, cats have become one of the most loved household pets. Some people believe their cats have the “sixth sense,” or a psychic ability to communicate with ghosts or other apparitions that surround them. Others claim their cats can predict bad weather or earthquakes. Is it because they live in the now and simply enjoy each moment of the day that makes their mind and body more open to the earth’s energies? Or are we still looking for an excuse for what science cannot explain?

Cats continue to be complex and mysterious in ways we simply may never understand. The odd behavior of a cat staring at the stairwell as if someone is walking down them or chattering at the light fixture on the ceiling as if they are talking to someone – can make us wonder if they are actually connecting with the spirit world. Or are they just chattering away to a bug we cannot see? Scientifically we know their sight, smell and hearing is far superior, but in some of these cases they simply do not want to share what they are focused on. This tends to us believing that it could possibly be a ghost or something else that goes bump in the night.

When speaking to a number of clients, many of them had stories of their cats “seeing” or interacting with someone or something that they could not see. Several of them had informed me that their house has unexplained activity that even human psychics have picked up on. One client even shared a video of a recent event in their house of their cat interacting with a supposed ghost that occupies the home. While some people would push the video off as a hoax, it was remarkable how different the cat acted during the few minutes this video played.

There are cats that also pick up the energies of the living as well. Take Oscar, the therapy cat, which resides at the Steer House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Rhode Island. He so far has successfully predicted over fifty deaths at the facility. Each time a staff member would notice Oscar sleeping peacefully with a patient hours before that patient would pass away. After several numerous events, the staff believes Oscar had a special gift. Oscar got so good at his predictions, the staff began to call families that he would rest with to notify them of the expected passing of their family member.

Whether you believe cats really do have nine lives, the ability to communicate with the dead, or even predict the future – we simply know that cats will always be a species that remain a mystery. That is all part of the fun of enjoying your life with one., “Black Cat Superstition,” Retrieved 10/24/14., “Psychic Animals” by Richard Webster. Retrieved 10/24/14., “Can Cats See Ghosts,” Retrieved 10/24/14., “Ghost Cats: Human Encounters with Feline Spirits by Dusty Rainbolt,” (Introduction chapter). Retrieved 10/24/14., “Oscar, Therapy Cat.” Retrieved 10/24/14.

Making Rounds with Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of and Extraordinary Cat by David Dosa.

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