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3 Things to Do to Calm Dogs Down

Your dog may be feeling nervous or anxious for many different reasons. A bad thunderstorm, fireworks, or you leaving the house are some of the most common causes. Here are tips to making your pet feel better when it’s on edge.

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When you’re a dog owner you know that sometimes your dog’s mood changes due to many different things. Whether it’s anxiety or fear – it’s hard to know what to do.

When dogs are anxious and upset it is a very difficult thing to deal with. Especially when you have no idea exactly what to do in order to make them feel better. There are many reasons your dog may be acting out, like separation anxiety, loud noises, traveling or new people. Here are 3 things you can do to make your dog feel more at ease:

  1. When a dog is hyper, playing rough, jumping on people or simply not cooperating – it is hard to calm them down. One thing to try is using the ‘settle’ command. Use a soft but firm tone repeating the word “settle”. It may help to hold out your hand, palm out, while saying, “settle”, showing them that they need to stay. Make sure not to touch or interact with them until they have calmed down. When they have relaxed you can pet them lightly, showing them that this is the proper way to act.
  2. For things like loud noises and car rides, you’ll want to take a different approach. When traveling in the car or on a plane make sure you bring their bed or favorite blanket and a toy or stuffed animal. This will relax them and make them feel comfortable. If you’re driving, you should take your dog out and let them walk around for a bit at certain stops. Flying is an extremely stressful experience for pets. When taking a plane you need to crate them and make sure to include comforting items from home. During storms or other various loud noises cuddle up with your dog. Drape a blanket over them, petting them calmly. Or crate them with blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals that make them feel comfortable.
  3. If the other approaches do not work than maybe it is time to use a natural supplement. For any type of anxiety or phobias your dog may be feeling use a supplement containing ingredients such as chamomile, valerian, ginger extract, and tryptophan to naturally calm your dog in many different ways.

It’s important that you calm your dog down. While it may become frustrating when you cannot figure out why he or she is getting anxious or upset, it’s important that you take the time to identify the problem so that you can work your way towards possible solutions., How to Calm a Hyper Dog, Cesar’s Way, Retrieved November 14, 2013., How to Calm Down a Dog, PetCareRX, Retrieved November 14, 2013., Cesar’s Best Dog Travel Tips, Cesar’s Way, Retrieved November 15, 2013.

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