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Overcoming Sexual Fatigue

Being tired is no fun; but not having enough energy for sex can be devastating. Discover four strategies for improving libido so that your desire and ability to engage in sexual activity is where you want it to be.

*This article is intended for mature adults and is for informational purposes only. Any health concerns should be discussed with a physician. This material is not intended to encourage behavior that causes anyone spiritual, personal or emotional discomfort.

Fatigue can easily drain your sex drive. A desire to have more energy is nearly universal – but when low energy levels begin to impact libido – one’s quality of life can dramatically deteriorate. An evolutionary component of our genetic code, people will go to great lengths to restore their sex drive.

The first step in rekindling your sexual energy is to identify the cause of its decline. Possible physical causes of low libido include chronic illness, low testosterone levels, taking the birth control pill, breast-feeding, antidepressant use and too much alcohol. A study published in the July/August 2009 edition of Allergy and Asthma Proceedings found that, even a problem like allergic rhinitis was associated with higher than normal levels of fatigue and sexual dysfunction.

Physical origins of low libido are best addressed by a physician. Psychological causes may include depression, emotional exhaustion, addictions, and stress and relationship issues. In these cases, counseling and sex therapy are believed to be the most helpful techniques.

Once physical pathology and psychological origins have been ruled out, there are several approaches for overcoming sexual fatigue. Sexual fatigue can mean something different to each individual; here we are addressing when there is not enough energy to feel in-the-mood or to engage in sexual activity.

Long-term relationships often fall prey to sexual fatigue. This phenomena isn’t surprising given that most of us are juggling a career, friends and family. Finding the time and energy to feel sexy and passionate can be a challenge. According to Val Sampson, co-author of How To Have Great Sex For The Rest Of Your Life, “Sometimes sex can feel like just another thing on our ‘to do’ list.” In this situation, recognizing that a jam-packed schedule does not prioritize sex, is crucial. Once a commitment is made to reclaim sexual vigor, the following could revitalize this innately human need in a long-term relationship:

  1. Dance – If you and your partner enjoy it, make a plan to go dancing. Because dancing often involves rhythmic movements in the pelvic area, it can be a great tool for stirring up sexual energy. The positive effect of Argentinean Tango on libido and couples’ communication is a current area of research.
  2. Eroticism – Because the brain is considered to be our biggest sex organ, mental involvement is necessary for sexual desire. Whether reading erotic literature, fantasizing or wearing erotic clothes gets you in the mood, engaging your mind in sexual thoughts helps generate sexual energy.
  3. Herbal Aphrodisiacs – Many natural herbs are known to increase libido by boosting hormone levels, stimulating genital blood circulation, improving stamina and increasing overall energy levels. Some herbs specifically shown to improve libido include horny goat weed, ginseng, dodder seed, tribulus and deer antler velvet. For expertly designed libido formulas, consider Enhance For Her™ and Enhance For Him™.
  4. Exercise – Being sedentary sucks people into a vicious cycle that always involves fatigue and low endurance. By simply doing moderate cardiovascular exercise three to four times a week (like a 20-minute brisk walk), your energy levels and libido will rise accordingly.

At least one of these four suggestions is within the reach of just about everyone. So if sexual fatigue is impacting your quality of life, consider dancing, engaging your mind in erotic thought, trying herbal aphrodisiacs and/or doing cardiovascular exercise. As long as a medical problem is not impinging on sexual health, these approaches can help a majority of individuals overcome sexual fatigue., The impact of allergic rhinitis on sexual activity, sleep, and fatigue, Benninger, Michael S, et al, Retrieved February 14, 2010, Allergy and Asthma Proceedings, July-August 2009., Q&A: What Might Cause Fatigue The Day After Sex?, Debby Herbenick, MPH, PhD, Retrieved February 14, 2010, The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, 2010., Loss of libido, Nicci Talbot, Retrieved February 14, 2010,, 2010., How to Treat Low Sex Drive Caused by Adrenal Fatigue In Women, Cyn Vela, Retrieved February 14, 2010, eHow, Inc., 2010.

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