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10 Travel Tips to Make Your Next Trip Smooth Sailing

Whether for business or summer vacation, try following these 10 travel tips to save money and reduce your travel stress.

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Travel can be stressful. Whether traveling by car, boat, plane or train, the stress of travel can take its toll. That is why we have compiled a list of ten helpful tips to help make your travel experience, from packing your suitcase to arriving at your destination, as easy and organized as possible.

  1. Book Your Flight in Incognito Mode – Certain airlines track your visits to their websites. If they see you are a frequent visitor to their website, did you know that they may raise prices on you?! To avoid this, when booking a flight, set your browser to private browsing/incognito mode to ensure you are receiving the lowest price possible.
  2. 24-Hour Cancellations – If you book a flight but suddenly realize there is a cheaper option available, don’t sweat it. As noted by the Department of Transportation, every airline in the United States must give a full refund on a flight within a 24-hour window of purchasing tickets.
  3. Pack Snacks – Your brain requires a continual supply of amino acids in order to stay focused and energized – and eating foods high in protein can help. An easy protein-packed snack you can travel with is protein powder. Simply measure out your protein powder ahead of time and place it into a Ziploc bag.
  4. Roll (Don’t Fold) Clothes – It has been proven time and time again that the fold-and-stack method of packing is inefficient and takes up precious space in your suitcase. Roll your clothes to save room. Studies even show it doubles the space available in your suitcase.
  5. Keep Your Clothes Fresh – Don’t let your clothes smell like the inside of a suitcase for the entirety of your trip. Place a scented dryer sheet inside your suitcase to help your clothes stay fresh. BONUS: This can also help to reduce wrinkles.
  6. Turn Your Pill Container Into a Jewelry Case – Have a day-by-day pill holder to spare? Separate your necklaces and place them into the individual pill slots. This prevents tangling, and can even be used to help plan your outfits.
  7. Increase Your Legroom – Get that extra inch of legroom without extra cash. Take the magazines out of the seat-back pocket and place them in the overhead bin.
  8. TV Phone Charging – You won’t have to worry about losing precious battery life with this hack. If there are no outlets by your seat or you forgot your plug at home, use the USB port on the TV in front of you to charge any electronics you may have.
  9. Skip the Taxi Line – Instead of waiting on a mile-long line at the taxi stand, go to the departures terminal. There will be plenty of cabs dropping people off that will happily pick you up.
  10. Avoid Jet Lag – If you’re traveling west to east, you’ll likely still be awake when the clock says you should be sleeping. Take a melatonin supplement to relax your mind and body, like Fast Asleep. After a restful night’s sleep, it will surely help your body adjust to the time zone and you’ll wake up refreshed the next day. Or, if you’re taking the red eye, try an energy supplement packed with healthy B vitamins to get you up and running for the day ahead.

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