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2022’s Projected Food & Health Trends

Check out 6 projected food and health trends for 2022, including a return of the breakfast! This meal is associated with increased brain function and much more.

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With each new year comes new food trends—especially when the goal is to improve health. For instance, in 2020, some of the biggest trends included finding alternatives for white flour and white sugar, increasing probiotic intake via fermented foods, and opting for a plant-based diet or a meat-plant hybrid versus eating primarily animal foods.

What can we expect to see in 2002 in regard to food and health?

More Reducetarian Eating Plans

Making the move to more of a plant-based way of eating is expected to continue in 2022. Though, this has come with a new name: being a reducetarian.

The Reducetarian Foundation explains that a reducetarian is someone who is “committed to eating less meat and dairy and fewer eggs – following their own hearts and individual motivations.” (1) It goes on to say that this type of eating plan helps contribute to greater health and a more sustainable world.

Rise of Ultra-Urban Farming

On October 18, 2021, The Produce News reported that one of Whole Foods Market’s major predictions for 2022 is an increase in ultra-urban farming. (2) This involves indoor farming practices, oftentimes with the use of hydroponics and aquaponics. This provides consumers access to more locally grown crops, maximizing production efficiency.

Plus, fresh produce is more nutrient-dense. (3) This means that it packs the best vitamin and mineral punch.

Increase In Hibiscus-Containing Foods

Hibiscus are beautiful flowers known for their large, colorful blooms. While they are odorless and they don’t put off a fragrant smell, many people enjoy looking at them outside their windows.

Yet, in 2022, we are expected to see hibiscus included in more food options.

Tea is probably one of its current biggest uses.

Hibiscus-containing foods will likely be a 2022 food trend.

However, yogurt, soda, and fruit spreads may all contain a bit of hibiscus in the year ahead, which is beneficial to health as this flower contains calcium. (4) In tea, it’s also not uncommon to also provide vitamin C.

Return of the Breakfast

For a while, skipping breakfast was considered best for health and wellness, thanks largely to the benefits associated with intermittent fasting. Yet, Specialty Food Magazine reports that, now that more people are working from home, this first meal of the day is making a comeback. (5)

How does breakfast relate to health?

A 2020 review reports that eating this meal is associated with:

  • increased brain function
  • improved memory recall
  • and better mood while also reducing obesity and helping to resolve irregular menstruation issues in women. (6)

Sensible Indulgences

The Specialty Food Association reports that, while snacking became more prevalent during the pandemic, people began to also look for food items that were healthy but also felt a bit indulgent, which one retailer termed “sensible indulgences.” (7)

This trend is expected to continue in the year ahead.

What types of foods may fit into this category? Sugar-free chocolates are one option that comes to mind. Homemade air-fried potato chips are another. (Soak the potato slices in white vinegar and sprinkle on some sea salt and you have a healthier version of salt and vinegar chips!)

Greater Functional Ingredient Demands

Another trend we’ll likely see in the new year is the use of herbs and spices to not only give our foods more flavor, but also to raise their nutritional value – providing function in addition to boosting the taste.

According to the Specialty Food Association, ingredients likely to pique the most interest in the upcoming year include:

  • cinnamon
  • turmeric
  • ginger
  • basil
  • thyme
  • sage
  • and rosemary

Adding these spices to your pantry today can help you capitalize on this trend tomorrow, enabling you to make 2022 the year that your plate is loaded with food that tastes great and boosts your health at the same time.

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