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3 Stretches to Ease Headaches and Neck Pain

These three stretches can be done several times a day to relieve headaches and neck tension caused by sitting at a computer all day and from constant cell phone use.

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Neck and headache pain can be a pain in your . . .well, in your neck! With our constant, daily use of various devices from computers to tablets to cell phones, we are constantly looking down at one screen or another. This causes a great deal of stress on our necks, which can cause neck pain and headaches.

Alleviate Headaches and Neck Pain with These 3 Stretches

  1. Doorway Stretch: This 3-part stretch opens your chest, allowing your head to move back into a neutral position. Standing in a doorway, step one leg forward for support so your body does not tighten in response to the threat of falling. Place your arms on each side of the doorway with elbows bent, holding the sides of the doorway with each hand.
    a.  Begin with your elbows above your shoulders, to stretch the fibers of the lower pectoralis and pectoralis minor. Lean into the doorway and hold the stretch while taking 3 to 6 slow, deep breaths.
    b.  Next, reposition so your elbows are even with your shoulders so that you are stretching the middle fibers of the pectoralis. Lean in and hold for 3 to 6 slow, deep breaths.
    c.  Once again, reposition so your elbows are lower than your shoulders, stretching the upper fibers of the pectoralis and lean in for 3 to 6 slow, deep breaths.
  2. Head Rotation: Standing or sitting straight, allow your head to drop to one side. Slowly rotate your head forward to the other side while taking long, slow deep breaths. Repeat 3 to 6 times.
  3. Scalene Stretch: Allow your head to drop toward one side. Without forcing your neck, thrusting your chin up toward the ceiling until you feel the stretch down the front side of your neck going under the collar bone.

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