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5 Inexpensive Ways to Stay Young

Learn how you can slow down the effects of aging without spending tons of money.

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In 2014, almost $300 billion will be spent worldwide on anti-aging products. It is one of the very few industries that have remained recession-proof and continued to grow throughout the ups and downs of the global economy. In recent years, the industry has exploded, fueled by the desires of aging, affluent baby-boomers to remain young and vital. Unfortunately, all of the creams, lotions, injections, tummy tucks and hormones in the world aren’t going to impart the lasting youth we all desire without first taking care of the basics.

The Foundation of Youth

Aging is inevitable. Getting old, or not, is a function of the lifestyle choices we make along the way. The bad news is, the more bad choices we make, and the longer we take to start choosing well, the faster we age and the harder it is to win back our youth. On the upside, it’s never too late to make remarkable changes; the most important things you can do are the simplest and cheapest to put into effect.

  1. Exercise Your Body – Regular, vigorous exercise does more than just help you manage your weight. It stimulates the production and secretion of important chemicals in your body such as neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine), sex hormones and youth preserving Insulin Growth Factor-1. Exercise also detoxifies your system and improves brain health at the cellular level.
  2. Exercise Your Mind – Spending time in quiet contemplation or meditation each day allows your mind and body to relax and restore calm and emotional balance. By reducing the effect of stress, meditation adds years to your life and raises your happiness index. Happy, calm people age better and live longer.
  3. Eat Energetic Food – Fresh, whole foods deliver the nutrients that promote energy, prevent degeneration and prolong youth. Perhaps the most important dietary choice one can make to ensure good health and prolong youth is to reduce or eliminate refined grains and sugar. Add plenty of colorful foods and healthy oils to keep each cell in your body operating at full capacity and you will surely see more energy, less weight, a more youthful complexion – and a brighter outlook as a result.
  4. Unite Science with Nature – Nutritional science has discovered the relationship between specific nutrients and healthy cellular function. Supplementing your whole food diet with well-designed nutritional formulations for coenzyme Q10, antioxidants and essential fatty acids will maximize the nourishment and protection that will keep each cell of your body (and therefore you) younger, longer.
  5. Use Your Bed for More than Beauty Sleep – While adequate sleep is essential for healthy, vibrant living, a little extracurricular activity with your partner once or twice a week delivers many of the chemical and hormonal benefits of exercise and meditation. Studies show that having sex once or twice a week extends life, improves immunity and protects against disease.
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Once you have created a strong foundation of internal health and vitality, those expensive creams, lotions and procedures may not seem so necessary. And if you do choose to use them, they will work better for you and last longer., Global Anti-Aging Products Market to Reach $291.9 Billion by 2015, Retrieved August, 25, 2014. A4M, 2009-2014., Optimists live longer and healthier lives: study, Julie Steenhuysen, Retrieved August 2005, Thomson Reuters, 2009., 7 Anti-aging Superfoods, Retrieved August, 25, 2014, Eating Well, Inc., 2014., Turn Back The Clock: How To Maximize The Anti-Aging Benefits Of Exercise, Pete McCall, MS, Retrieved August, 25, 2014, American Council on Exercise, 2014., Multitude of Benefits of Meditation, Retrieved August, 25, 2014, A4M, 2009-2014.

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