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7 Superb Foods to Improve Thyroid Health

A healthy, well rounded diet is essential for overall health. A diet rich in these 7 foods can support the health and function of your thyroid.

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The thyroid is a small butterfly shaped gland in your throat that regulates many important aspects of your body and its health.

Your thyroid is responsible for:

  • breathing
  • heart rate
  • several aspects of the nervous systems
  • maintaining a healthy body weight
  • muscle development
  • body temperature
  • menstrual cycles

When your thyroid is not producing enough of its hormones, the condition is called hypothyroidism. When it produces too many hormones it is called hyperthyroidism.

A healthy diet is essential for everyone, but especially for those with thyroid issues.

7 Foods to Support Thyroid Health and Function

1. Salt: Salt containing iodine, an essential element for a healthy thyroid, can support the function of this critical gland.

2. Greens: Dark leafy greens are rich in magnesium, a necessary mineral for healthy thyroid function.

3. Nuts: Nuts, especially Brazil nuts, are rich in iron and selenium. Both of these are essential elements for your thyroid.

4. Seafood: Seafood is also rich in iodine, but can actually be too rich in it. Seafood should not be consumed daily. Rather it should be limited to about three times per week.

5. Yogurt: Yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, is rich in iodine and vitamin D, both essential for thyroid function. Hypothyroidism has been found to be linked to low vitamin D, so dairy products that contain vitamin D may help combat this condition.

6. Milk: As with yogurt, milk is high in iodine and vitamin D, and may help prevent hypothyroidism.

Filet mignon

7. Chicken and Beef: Hypothyroidism has been linked with low levels of zinc, which is found in chicken and beef.

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