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9 Reasons We Experience Fatigue and Headaches

Is stress the culprit behind your fatigue and headaches? Find out 8 more possible causes that can leave you feeling drained with a pounding headache.

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There are any number of things that can bring on the symptoms of fatigue and a headache, including disease and other health conditions, muscular-skeletal conditions, diet, environmental factors and more.

9 Universal Causes of Fatigue and Headaches

  1. Sinusitis: Sinusitis, sinus infections and colds can all cause pressure in the nasal passages and around the eyes, leading to a headache. Constant pressure and pain tends to leave you feeling fatigued by the end of the day as well.
  2. Diabetes: Diabetes is the body’s inability to manage and properly metabolize sugars (carbohydrates), which often results in fatigue, headache and a myriad of other symptoms. It is important to work closely with a physician to manage diabetes.
  3. Stress and Tension: Stress, anxiety and depression can all lead to muscle tension throughout the body, especially in the upper back, neck and shoulders. This may lead to headaches and eventually wear you out, leaving you feeling fatigued.
  4. Anemia: Resulting from a lack of red blood cells, anemia can result in fatigue, pale skin, weakness, dizziness, and headaches. It is often relieved by adding iron and B vitamins to the diet.
  5. Dehydration: Dehydration is an often overlooked cause of fatigue and headaches, and it is one of the most easily corrected!
  6. B12 Deficiency: Deficient levels of B12 can result in fatigue, weakness, tiredness, and other symptoms.
  7. Heart Conditions: High blood pressure, congestive heart conditions and other cardiovascular conditions may result in fatigue and headaches. It is important to work closely with a physician to manage cardiovascular conditions.
  8. Liver Conditions: The liver is responsible for the breakdown of food for energy, and when it is damaged or not functioning properly, you may experience symptoms of fatigue. Working with your physician and ensuring proper nutrition are critical in managing symptoms of liver disease.
  9. Constipation: Constipation can result in both fatigue and a headache, as you become more uncomfortable over time. Dehydration and exercise may go a long way toward relieving this condition.

Some of these conditions require regular visits to a qualified physician, such as diabetes and heart conditions, but others are easily managed or rectified by drinking enough fluids and getting regular exercise.

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