Does Statin Use Reduce Death from Cancer?

Learn about the connection between using statins and cancer.

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Liver Cancer Reduction and 5 More Benefits of Medical Marijuana

The push in recent years to legalize marijuana for medical use, and even for recreational use in a few places, has led to considerable research into the uses of medical marijuana for treatment of a variety of conditions and diseases.

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Vitamin D3 Deficiency: 6 Signs and Symptoms

Is it time to get your vitamin D3 level checked?

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8 Superfoods and Supplements to Support Prostate Health

Find out which fruits, vegetables, teas and supplements can naturally help you support the health of your prostate.

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6 Healthy Alternatives to White Bread and Rice

Reduce your risk for lung cancer and avoid blood sugar spikes with these alternatives to white bread, bagels and rice.

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Multiple Reasons to Use Turmeric

From reducing inflammation, to relieving heartburn, and offering protection from lung conditions – find out all of the benefits turmeric offers.

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Vitamin D Can Reduce Your Risk for Developing Breast Cancer

Vitamin D is important for more than just strong bones; it’s essential for your overall health.

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4 Health Conditions Revealed on Your Face

Your face expresses so much of who you are to the world, but it can also provide early warning signs for some very serious health conditions!

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5 Surprising Benefits of Milk Thistle

Besides protecting the liver, there are five more incredibly important reasons to take a high quality milk thistle supplement.

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Moringa: The New Superfood

Moringa leaves are being touted as the new superfood – and they offer significant health benefits!

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