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Is it Safe to Sleep with Your Fan on at Night?

Find out if it’s toxic to run your ceiling fans – or any other fans – while you sleep.

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In the dog days of summer, we all do what we can to try to keep cool and comfortable through some warm and muggy nights.

  • Some of us sleep above the covers.
  • Some of us have a fan running.
  • Some of us are fortunate to have central air running.

But are some of these choices as safe as we think?

Or are some of these choices putting us in danger?

Concerns are starting to be raised that sleeping with a fan on, while potentially keeping you cool now, could be harmful to you later on.

This article will address these possible concerns as well as provide some tips on other ways to help you catch some zzz’s on these hot summer nights.

When Fans Aren’t So Cool

To begin with, despite some headlines that state otherwise, there is nothing toxic about running ceiling fans or any other fans while you sleep; that’s just a myth. But there are definitely a few downsides to having a fan run… (1)(2)


When a fan circulates air around a room, it is also blowing around dust, pollen, and other allergens. Those with allergies or asthma may find themselves having allergic reactions in the night, as these various irritants are blown into their sinuses.

On top of that, if your fan collects dust when it is not running, it is likely to start blowing around a whole lot of dust once you turn it on. (3)

Dry Air

With air constantly blowing on your skin, you may start to dry up a bit, and this can lead to excessive dryness. If you have a fan running all night, you may want to consider applying lotion or creams to help keep your skin moist.

Beyond just your skin, if you sleep with your mouth open – or in some cases your eyes partially open – you may find those becoming a bit dry as well. Dry eyes can become irritating and no one likes waking up with cottonmouth. You may want to consider sleeping with a glass of water or eye drops next to your bed. (3)

Irritated Sinuses

Having air blow all night can also lead to your nasal passage becoming a bit dried out, causing irritation to your sinuses. In more extreme situations, your body may create excessive amounts of mucous to over-compensate for the dryness. This could lead to you feeling stuffed up and potentially getting sinus headaches. (3)

Muscle Cramps

When air is being blown directly on you, your muscles can tense up and cramp, leading you to waking up rather sore. If you sleep with a fan close to your face or neck, this is more likely to happen to you.

This is also an issue that can come along with having air conditioning on all night. No matter what the source is, having too much cold air blasting toward you can lead to a bit of cramping. (2)(3)

3 More Tips to Help You Sleep

If you are uncomfortable at night and need some help falling asleep there are some other ways to help you sleep.

  1. Perhaps consider switching to lighter sheets or comforters. There’s no need for you to be sleeping with heavy down comforters in July.
  2. On a similar note, consider sleeping in cooler pajamas. Instead of wearing flannels, consider a lighter fabric.
  3. There are also some natural sleep aids that can help get you through the night. Some people have found taking melatonin to be an ideal option. Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate your sleep cycles, letting you get to sleep faster by telling your brain that it is time to go to sleep. If you are looking for a good melatonin supplement, you may want to consider Natural Wellness’ Fast Asleep. These quick dissolving lozenges are fast-acting as they start working within 20 minutes.


No matter what, if you are having trouble sleeping at night, you should explore all possible options to get a better rest – including using lighter sheets and wearing cooler pajamas. Everybody deserves a full night’s sleep.

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