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10 Essential Oils for Stress, Skincare, Digestion and More

Who knew these wonderful plant oils could be so essential to good health?

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Essential oils are aromatic, volatile oils extracted from plants by distillation or expression (pressing). These oils are the “essence” of the plant and contain various healing properties.

Essential oils contain many different compounds including esters, ethers and phenols. These oils can be used individually and blended together with carrier oils for a variety of medicinal purposes.

Most people are familiar with a few oils such as lavender, rosemary, peppermint and Eucalyptus, but there are hundreds of oils from all over the world to choose from!

10 Essential Oils for Your Health

    1. Clove – Spicy and warming, clove oil can be used as an antiseptic, for skincare, as an insect repellent and for digestive purposes. A drop or two of clove can give a blend a nice, rich depth that enhances the aroma of other oils.
    2. Frankincense – With its grounding, woodsy aroma, Frankincense is most commonly known for its uses in religious ceremonies and as a meditation aid, but it also has many health benefits. This oil can be used in skincare, added to muscle blends, and is excellent for stress relief.
    3. Helichrysum – Helpful with stress, this oil aids in skin healing, liver function, and increases blood flow locally – so it is excellent to use in an oil blend for sore muscles.
    4. Ginger – Most commonly used as a spice in Asian cultures, ginger oil can be used for digestion, as an expectorant, antiseptic, and as an anti-inflammatory oil. Ginger oil can be used to treat nausea and indigestion, and it is warming – making it useful in relieving menstrual cramps.
    5. Sandlewood – Some varieties of sandlewood are very expensive due to limited supply. This oil is commonly used in skincare products and is also an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic, making it excellent for oil blends used to relieve muscle pain. This oil is relaxing in nature, making it excellent for stress relief and to relax muscles.
    6. Ylang Ylang – Often used for its uplifting scent, this oil has a pleasant floral aroma and is excellent for balancing the female hormonal system. This oil makes an excellent addition to any women’s blend of essential oils.
    7. Tea Tree – This oil is an excellent disinfectant and can be used for healing. Tea tree has antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties, and is excellent for anything from acne to sinus infection.
    1. Lemongrass – A great bug repellent, lemongrass also has a fresh scent that is often used in skincare products. This oil is also excellent for digestive issues and acts as an anti-inflammatory. A few drops of lemongrass on your pets may aid in keeping them flea-free, as well.
  1. Bergamot – With a sweet, citrusy smell, bergamot oil can be used as an antiseptic or disinfectant. This oil also has a wonderful uplifting aroma and can be used to relieve stress.
  2. Clary Sage – Most commonly known for its antidepressant properties, clary sage is also a powerful antispasmodic, making it wonderful for use in muscle-relief blends as well as those for stress relief.

It is important to use essential oils safely. They should never be ingested and should always be added to a carrier oil as many can burn and damage skin. When used correctly, essential oils make a wonderful addition to the medicine cabinet!

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