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10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

In addition to nutritional supplementation, adopting healthier lifestyle choices is the perfect complement to helping you support and maintain your health.

  1. Delegate the table as the only place to eat food. This prevents snacking in front of the television or computer, in bed, while driving or in front of the refrigerator.
  2. When shopping, park as far as reasonably possible from the store’s entrance to get in a little extra exercise.
  3. If you drink soda (regular or diet), make the switch to sparkling water with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Research shows that this small switch makes a big impact on expanding waistlines – especially (and surprisingly) for diet soda drinkers.
  4. Decrease the amount of time you sit on your rear with the following game; allow yourself two minutes of television time for every one minute of physical activity.
  5. Pick one of your more sedentary rituals and replace it with a physically active one. An example is substituting playing your favorite social network site game for doing yoga or taking a bike ride.
  6. Boycott elevators and escalators in favor of hoofing it up several flights of stairs.
  7. To reduce your fat, salt and sugar intake, commit to making meals at home. You have more control over how it is cooked when you prepare it yourself. It takes more time than buying a meal in a box, but the reduction in fat and calories are worth it.
  8. Keep a bowl of cut up, raw vegetables in your refrigerator and high-fiber, low-fat crackers in your cabinet to snack on when hunger strikes between meals.
  9. Use your fist as a guide for an appropriate serving size. At home, pay attention to fist-sized quantities and, when eating out, become accustomed to the doggy bag.
  10. To deter from hazardous late night snacking, brush your teeth two hours before you go to bed. Snacking is less desirable with a fresh, minty smelling mouth.
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