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Eat This, Not That: The Melting Pot

Fancy, romantic dinners are a popular choice for celebrating Valentine’s Day. When you’re trying to eat nutritiously, unless you decide to cook and dine at home, it can be hard to find the right restaurant to stay on the healthy track.

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Gifts are one thing, but going out and having fun is also a nice change of pace. A well-liked option is having a romantic, candlelit dinner for just you and your partner.

With over 135 locations in 35 states, The Melting Pot (a fondue restaurant), was included in the OpenTable’s Annual Diners’ Choice List of the 100 Most Romantic Restaurants in the United States.

You can feel the love as soon as you enter The Melting Pot. You’re welcomed by the friendly staff and enveloped in the romantic, intimate atmosphere. There are also surprises that you can plan ahead for your lover for when you arrive to the restaurant. When making your reservation ask about the “Celebration Packages,” which can include Champagne, roses, a framed keepsake photo, balloons and chocolate covered strawberries. Some locations offer different packages. There are also unique areas to sit in. For Valentine’s Day the most popular (and cozy) place is Lover’s Lane.

There’s more to The Melting Pot than fondue. A special touch about The Melting Pot – they offer vegetarian and gluten-free options! Their main menu though, offers a four-course meal, but you don’t have to get all four courses. You can simply get one, two, three (or all four).

First Course: Cheese Fondue

The first course at The Melting Pot starts with dipping vegetables (did you know that the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends consuming 3 to 5 servings of vegetables daily?) and bread in either cheddar, Swiss, bleu cheese, jalapeno cheddar, or cheese with spinach and artichoke. The Fiesta and the Traditional Swiss are the healthier choices as they have the cheeses with the least amount of fat. Beware – most of the cheese dipping sauces contain alcohol.

Second Course: Fresh Salad

For round two, the romantic restaurant offers Caesar, Spinach Mushroom, House and California salads, all of which come with The Melting Pot’s signature dressing. The healthiest of the salads are the California and the Spinach* Mushroom because they use the least amount of cheese.

* Spinach is an excellent addition to your diet. It’s full of vitamins like A, K, D, and E, is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, contains glucosamine carotenoids that nourish the eyes, and even has calcium and magnesium that help support healthy bones.

Third Course: Entrée

Something for everyone! Entrée options include: steak, duck, salmon, shrimp, potstickers, sausage, ravioli, lobster, mahi mahi, pork, and chicken – among more – depending on the location. Every dish comes with fresh veggies and dipping sauces. You can even pick the way you’d like your meal cooked, which might make it difficult to specify the healthiest choice. In addition to picking seasonings, oils, broths, herbs and spices, you can also choose sauces.

The duck is good because it is very nutritious, along with the chicken, salmon, and shrimp, which are all rich in heart healthy omega-3s.

Fourth Course: Chocolate Fondue

This is a must have dessert for a fancy, romantic dinner with your sweetheart. Chocolate isn’t as bad for you as you may think – especially dark chocolate, as it’s a potent antioxidant. Just remember not to overdo it.

After dinner, there is a menu of coffee and other drink specialties. It would probably be best to avoid this menu, particularly if you’ve eaten all four courses.

We wish you a very happy, healthy, lovely, and romantic Valentine’s Day!

Have you ever eaten at The Melting Pot? Did you fall in love with the menu? Comment below!

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