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Wow Your Family and Friends with These Thanksgiving Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time to get together with family and friends to think about everything you have in life. It’s a day to be positive and have fun. Use some of these ideas for setting the dinner table and preparing creative desserts that your guests will love.

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Table Settings & Such

A Fun Platter

What you’ll need: fruit (strawberries, grapes, a pear, bananas, apple slices, etc.), cheese, crackers, and/or pretzels. You can really use whatever you and your guests would like.

A good way to start the day off is offering your guests a platter of appetizers. With fruit, cheese and crackers you can make a very cute presentation. Take something like half a pear and place it towards the bottom of the plate, this will be the body of the turkey. You can use cheese for the beak and feet. Cloves work well for the eyes. Line up the fruits, cheeses, crackers, etc. in semicircles around the body of the turkey. These will act as feathers.


What you’ll need: empty jars (ball jars, old sauce jars, whatever!), leaves, glue, and leaves.

Take an empty jar and decoupage leaves onto it, leaving some spaces so that the light can shine through. Simply put a votive candle in and you’re done!


You can use a lot of different things to dress up the place settings with napkins. Do simple settings by tying things like raffia, burlap, ribbon, or a flower (anything you can come up with) around the napkin or silverware. Stick an acorn or leaf in there just to make it a bit more eye catching. You can even put a napkin folded in a large rectangle shape and place a baby pumpkin, apple, or pear on top of it. If you want, tie on a cute tag and write names on them. Another cute idea is to take an actual cornhusk, or make one out of a tan napkin and tie it. You could put silverware in it, Reese’s pieces (they look like maize!), or any treat you think is fitting for the holiday.

More Ideas

You can get more creative depending on your abilities and time. Use origami and make turkeys, acorns, corn, or leaves to place on top of the plates or napkin. Spray paint acorns or pumpkins gold or silver for stunning centerpieces.


Turkey Cookies

What you’ll need: sugar cookies (make your own so they’re shaped how you need them) and brown, orange, yellow, red, and black icing.

Make your sugar cookies, either from a recipe or a mix available at grocery stores. Some use a flower cookie cutter but you can cut them out yourself. You need a round middle and about 5 or 6 petal shaped pieces coming from the top of the circle. You can add feet by putting an extra bit of cookie dough at the bottom. Bake your cookies accordingly, let cool, and get decorating. In the round middle part, brown will make up the body of the turkey. For the feathers, alternate the red, orange, and yellow icing on each petal shaped piece. The black icing is for the eyes, orange for the beak and feet, and red for the wattle.

Turkey Cupcakes

What you’ll need: cupcakes, chocolate and white icing, candy corn or cookies, and chocolate sprinkles.

Just make your regular cupcakes and get some tasty props to dress them up. Chocolate frosting makes up the feathery body and an extra plop makes a little head. Use white and brown icing for the eyes. Candy corn is a great way to make a beak and tail feathers that stand up in the back, as well as two little feet. For the feathers, instead of candy corn, you can use something like small, oval-shaped cookies or gumdrops; get creative! Use some chocolate sprinkles to create a more textured body.

Pilgrim Hat Cookies

What you’ll need: cookies, chocolate chips, large marshmallows, and yellow icing.

You’ll need a flat, disc shaped cookie of some kind. You can get pre-made cookies for the bottom part, or feel free to make your own. Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave and dip the marshmallows so that they are fully covered in the melted chocolate. You can use a toothpick to dip the marshmallows and than you want to plop them right in the middle of the cookie. Let the chocolate harden on the cookies; you can put them in the refrigerator or freezer for this. Apply the yellow icing as buckles on the hats and you’re all done! A variation to this recipe is using an upside down mini Reese’s cups for the tops of the hat instead of marshmallows.

Acorn Treats

What you’ll need: Hershey’s kisses, Keebler Pitter Patter cookies, and chocolate chips.

These have to be the easiest treats to make! Melt some of the chocolate chips in the microwave; this will be used as ‘glue.’ Take some of the melted chocolate and put it on the bottom of the kiss. Press it into the middle of one side of the cookie. Take some of the melted chocolate and put a little bit on the bottom of a chocolate chip and press it onto the opposite side of the cookie. Put them in the refrigerator or freezer to harden. If you want to use a different cookie, because of tastes or allergies, go for it!, Creative Thanksgiving Recipes: Creative Thanksgiving Desserts, Retrieved November 14, 2013, Sweet Turkey Treats, Jen Betterley, November 14, 2013, 12 Easy Ideas for A Handmade Thanksgiving, Denise at The Better Mom, Retrieved November 14, 2013×9.html, 60 Stylish Table Settings for Thanksgiving.

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