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The Best 6 Foods for Workout Recovery

Want to help your muscle tissues fully recover after exercising? Add these foods to your grocery list.

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Few things leave you feeling as good as a great workout! Our bodies, however, need proper nutrition in order to fully recover after we put it through its paces. While we need a quick boost of energy before we work out, afterward we need some protein and healthy fats in order for our muscle tissues to recover fully from physical activity. The harder we push ourselves, the more important it is that we eat right afterward.

Here are some great post-workout foods to ensure our bodies recover completely:

  1. Chicken & Eggs – After a workout, lean protein gives your body what it needs to rebuild and repair muscle tissue. Try grilled chicken or get creative with a veggie omelet for a high protein meal.
  2. Hummus – High in fiber and protein, hummus can be eaten with whole wheat crackers, whole wheat bread, or as a veggie dip.
  3. Avocado – A great source of fiber, avocado also offers monosaturated fats (the good kind) and no cholesterol. They also contain even more potassium than bananas (to replace what you sweat out) and are high in fiber. Find out why the avocado is an ideal component of a liver-friendly diet.
  4. Salmon – Fish is a great source of lean protein, as well as omega-3s, vitamin B12 and D – all of which support the body as it repairs and builds muscle tissue.
  5. Vegetables – Vegetables offer the vitamins and minerals the body needs to repair muscle along with fiber to leave you feeling full.
  6. Yogurt – Yogurt, especially low-fat Greek yogurt, offers a great high-protein snack after a workout. While a fruit smoothie before a workout gives you a nice energy boost from the carbohydrates in the fruit, the yogurt also offers lean protein for recovery after.

And don’t forget to rehydrate – water or a low calorie sports drink can ensure we are not dehydrated after all that sweating. It is just as important to ensure we eat what our bodies need after we workout as it is before we head out to the gym. A healthy meal after a serious workout provides us with the lean protein we need for our muscle tissue to rebuild and repair itself, so go ahead and enjoy – you earned it!

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